We have two levels of ads management.

For our individuals or businesses on a budget you will have access to our Meta & Google ads library in our software, eliminating the need for full management.

For those businesses wanting to scale we have a full team who manage your campaigns for you.

We run a number of different ad types and customise everything for our clients under full management.


Our entry level package with just the software only means you get access to our Meta and Google ads library. This feature allows anybody to launch their own ads in 3 clicks!

We have an easy to use ads library which is updated continuously with proven ads to help get you more leads and messages!

We currently have ad libraries built out for a number of industries and notably our automotive ad library will soon have 75+ proven ads ready to launch!

AIA Style Ads -

We have a dynamic feed of your current inventory and break it up to target certain demographics.

On lead capture we typically capture personal and contact details along with 3 or 4 qualifying questions.

Prospects are directed to a form or messenger and within minutes our Ai is conversing with the prospect 24 hours a day!

UGC Style Ads -

Using our scripts or even our content creators we launch video style ads that capture and hold attention and drive traffic to our Ai for immediate conversation.

These ads work great not only if you have hard hitting offers but also for general business awareness.

Get Approved Style Ads

Really high intent! Although cost per lead is a little higher we collect 15+ data points.

Typically these type of leads are from a position of getting approved on credit first and then matching up with a vehicle after.

We send this traffic to a custom built funnel and the prospect completes a survey or questionnaire.

Because we custom build the funnels all in our dashboard we can modify quickly to optimize for better conversions.

How Much Should I Spend On Ads

Ad budget should be scaled.

However if you are an individual or small business using our DIY ads library we advise to run ads when you can afford $15 a day.

We currently have clients spending all the way up to $1.2m USD a month

What Will My ROI Be?

How great are you at sales?

At the end of the day we can't close the deals for you, however we can give you the best possible opportunities to do so.

Depending on campaign type most leads will come in between $8 - $21 a lead depending on audience size, offer, lead qualification parameters and campaign type.


As part of our campaign management we also have a team of remote appointment setters who can take over the lead management and work your leads in conjuction with our Ai.


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